Thomas Instrumentation | Family Owned & OperatedThomas Instrumentation, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing everything from simple electronics to complex embedded control systems since it was established in 1971. It is a family owned and operated business which employs a small staff of highly trained individuals. Here are just a few of the advantages our company can offer you:

End-to-End Services

By working with Thomas Instrumentation, your company will have access to knowledgeable assistance during any part of your project’s life cycle. We have assisted companies with their initial concept, design and engineering, PCB layout, software development, prototyping, parts procurement, production, testing, and even repairs. We’re a one stop shop for all your electrical engineering needs. Please visit our Services tab for more information.

Superior Quality

Thomas Instrumentation has been designing electronics for a variety of industries since 1971. Many of our previous systems were designed for industrial environments and were expected to survive harsh conditions for several years. Currently, we are still supporting operational systems that were installed in industrial facilities during the 1980s. Most of our customers have acknowledged the quality of our work by staying with us for over 20 years. One such customer has even placed a 5 year warranty on their products which no other competitor in their industry can match. We take pride in our work and test every product that leaves our door to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

The Personal Touch

Thomas Instrumentation believes a product’s success depends not only on the quality of its design, but also on a good working relationship with its creator, our customer. One of our unique ingredients for success is that most of our team has been working together to create solutions for nearly two decades. This combined with our small size ensures that customers receive personal, efficient, and experienced service. Customers are able to interact one-on-one with any of the employees working on their project at any time during office hours. When a client gets stuck on a problem, we work with them to get through it. We strive to form excellent working relationships with our clients in hopes of creating a profitable alliance for all involved parties.

Variety of Experience

Over the years, Thomas Instrumentation has been involved in a variety of different projects across many industries. We have been able to help companies with everything from developing new control systems from scratch to reverse engineering obsoleted designs for upgrades or replacements. We have done work in the industrial, biopharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, consumer, and military industries. This means we already understand the restrictions and requirements that are necessary for the designs and the manufacturing of products in each field. We already sell products to the European market and are thus aware of RoHS and other international requirements. Our wealth of experience can save customers both time and money in their process of getting a product to market.

Please contact us with any questions and/or to get your projected started today! We would love to add your company to our list of successful clients!