Thomas Instrumentation has two separate facilities which are located roughly one mile apart. One is used strictly for business administrative purposes, while the other houses engineering and production services.

Administrative Facility:

This facility is where all billing, parts procurement, purchasing, and human resource services are handled. This location is also connected to the Production Facility’s computer network. This connection allows us to use this facility as an external data storage center for any critical work information.

Production Facility:

This facility consists of two separate buildings and an assortment of large storage sheds. The two buildings, referred to only as the “Front Building” and the “Back Building”, contain work areas for each employee and space for the production machinery. The extra storage sheds are utilized to shelter many different items ranging from shipping supplies and obsolete parts to heavy machinery from the elements. The facility also has a large generator that can be used to power the entire property in the event of a power outage.

Thomas Instrumentation | Front Building

Front Building

The “Front Building” is primarily used to house the Assembly Department, the Software Department, the Shipping and Receiving Department, and the Through-hole Inventory. This building is also typically used for any customer or supplier meetings.

Thomas Instrumentation | Facilities Back Building

Back Building

This “Back Building” is primarily used to house the Technical Department, the Engineering and Design Department, the Surface Mount Production Line, the Surface Mount Inventory, and the “Work Shop”. The “Work Shop” is an area that contains equipment often seen in a wood or metal shop. We often use the shop for constructing prototype housings, test stands, and other various items.