State of the Art

Thomas Instrumentation | Surface Mount Thomas Instrumentation has invested a substantial amount of money into equipment over the years. We have a state of the art Surface Mount Line, various rework and inspection stations, noise susceptibility testing equipment, spectrum analyzers, miscellaneous high-end testing equipment, and much more. READ MORE

Surface Mount Line

Powering Forward

Thomas Instrumentation | Screen Printing Our surface mount line consists of a Milara Semitouch screen printer, two My Data MY100LXe Pick and Place machines running in line mode, and a Heller 1500 reflow oven. In order to power these systems, we have a John Deere 3 phase power generator that is capable of not only running the SMT line, but also powering the entire property. This generator enables us to continue production and development even in the case of power outages. READ MORE

Rework & Inspection

Training & Precision

inspection-1 In order to provide excellent service to its customers, Thomas Instrumentation has invested in quality solder rework and inspection stations for its technical department. We have also purchased a selection of specialized solder tips and heat guns to further assist our technicians in their work. Our careful technicians are able to produce quality work because we provide them with the tools and training they need for each job. READ MORE

Test Equipment

In-Depth Testing

Thomas Instrumentation | ATTEN AT5011A RF Spectrum Analyzer At Thomas Instrumentation, we understand the value of in-depth testing. Many of our customers’ projects require our designs to make extremely precise measurements and reliably communicate these results in noisy factory environments. In order to provide the best design, we always perform an in-house stress test under worst case conditions. READ MORE