Rework & Inspection

Rework & Inspection

In order to provide excellent service to its customers, Thomas Instrumentation has invested in quality solder rework and inspection stations for its technical department. We have also purchased a selection of specialized solder tips and heat guns to further assist our technicians in their work. Our careful technicians are able to produce quality work because we provide them with the tools and training they need for each job. The following is a more detailed look into our rework and inspection stations:

Rework Stations

Thomas Instrumentation | Warranty & RepairsThe technical department has one major rework station, a Pace PRC 2000, in their designated rework area which includes a vision system. The department also has five smaller rework stations from Pace. Each of these units is located on a technician’s desk or in a general work area. All of the smaller stations are either a Pace MBT 201 with additional ThermoTweez wands or a Pace MBT 250 which already have ThermoTweez wands. All of these stations are capable of both leaded and RoHS compliant soldering. The stations are the technicians’ main soldering station and are therefore used to perform repairs, build prototypes, and at times complete production units.

Inspection Station

inspection-1The technical department has 2 vision inspection stations, the Mantis and the Lynx. These two units are stereo vision systems and manufactured by Vision. They both have long working distances which allows for easy inspection and modification or repair of a product. The Mantis has 3 lenses that the user can rotate through which change magnification settings from 2X, to 6X, and finally to 10X. The Lynx has variable magnification up to 120X. Using the Lynx, we are able to see individual solder joints on even a fine pitched part. This allows us to easily check the quality of our solder joints. Inspection with one of these is typically up to the discretion of the technical department and their decision is based upon factors such as whether or not it’s a new board, a new part type, or if it’s a part we’ve had trouble with in previous batches.