Surface Mount Line

Surface Mount Line

Our surface mount line consists of a MPM Momentum 100 screen printer, two My Data MY100LXe Pick and Place machines running in line mode, and a Heller 1707 MKIII reflow oven. In the event of a power outage we have a John Deere 3 phase power generator that is capable of not only running the entire Surface Mount line, but also powering the entire property. Here is a look at each machine in our line:


MPM Momentum 100 Screen Printer

Thomas Instrumentation | Screen PrinterOur MPM screen printer has a reliable set of standard features like fully automatic vision alignment, automated screening, pre and post automated paste inspection with reprint options, solder paste level sensor, and pneumatic board supports. This is mated with a JOT destacker so there is a steady feed of blank boards available.

MyDATA MY100LXe Pick & Place Machines

The heart of our operation is our two MyData MY100LXe Surface Mount machines. These two machines are each capable of placing 16,000 CPH (components per hour) and while operating in line mode, they can place a total of 32,000 CPH. Each machine can use feeders for tape and reel parts, pallet feeders for tube parts, and a tray wagon for JEDEC tray parts. We are currently setup to run each type of the aforementioned packaging and thus can handle a wide array of parts. In the rare event that one machine fails, we are able to continue populating products with only one of the machines.

The MY100LXe can place parts as small as 01005’s up to parts as large as 56mm x 52mm with a maximum component weight of 140g. We can populate odd shaped parts and parts with rounded or difficult pick points with ease. This is due to the fact that our line has the ability to use jaw type tools as well as the vacuum tools that are typically used in SMT production. Not only can these machines handle a large variety of part sizes, but also board sizes. Our machines can populate boards ranging in size from 2.7” x 2” to 17.4” x 20”. For board sizes under the minimum dimensions, we can easily panelize the product and/or utilize break-off rails to bring it within our size capabilities. The ability to panelize a product will also increase the throughput for the production of your product.

The MyData equipment is also able to work with two software tools which increase the reliability of our inventory count. These two software tools are MyData’s MyLabel and MyPlan. The MyLabel tool allows us to easily, quickly, and accurately store and locate parts and track quantities. The ease of the system lies in its usage of barcodes to load, unload, and track locations and quantities for each part used on the machine. The MyPlan tool allows us to setup the production line in a way that will maximize run efficiency. This tool also enables us to easily calculate how many products we can populate with the current inventory and lets us know if we need to order more parts for a scheduled job.

Heller 1707 MKIII

Thomas Instrumentation | Reflow OvenOur Heller reflow oven is a standard oven that is 134” long and has 7 separate zones with a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.1°C. The Heller operating software has the capability to profile a board using RTD sensors. This profile ensures the boards are heated to the proper temperature for the correct amount of time during the reflow process. Every board we manufacture receives an oven profile that is specific to the type of product and solder paste used for the board.