Industries We Service

Thomas Instrumentation | Industries Overview Thomas Instrumentation designs and manufactures quality systems for customers across a wide array of industries, including: Industrial, Transportation, Amusement Parks, Multimedia, Consumer Electronics, Biopharmaceutical, Medical Agricultural and Defense. Through our diverse experiences, we have gained an understanding of many different market requirements and demands. READ MORE


Over 30 Years Experience

Thomas Instrumentation | Industrial Engineering Thomas Instrumentation has over 30 years of experience in industrial electronic design and manufacturing. We understand the operational demands of this market and have proven design solutions for them, including products for: Harsh Operational Environments, Ease of Use, Device Lifespan, Pipe Gun & Plastics Systems. READ MORE


Extra Level of Care

Thomas Instrumentation | Drop Tower Control System Thomas Instrumentation has developed several different control systems with applications for transportation industries such as automotive, locomotive, and aerospace. We understand that this type of industry demands an extra level of care and robustness, so our employees carefully inspect and test each product that leaves our facility. READ MORE

Amusement Park

Safe, Accurate & Reliable

Thomas Instrumentation | Water Slide Safety/Dispatch System Being located near the world-famous Wildwoods Boardwalk, the owners and employees regularly took their children there for fun and entertainment. Therefore, we all recognize that any system developed for this industry must be safe, accurate, reliable, and easy to use. We understand that these systems must run seamlessly for long hours under potentially harsh environmental conditions in order to provide the best experiences for both adults and children. READ MORE


Custom Solutions

Thomas Instrumentation | Games & Entertainment | Pokermatic Table Thomas Instrumentation is excited to move further into the multimedia industry with our various touch screen controllers. We began working in this industry when a customer approached us to work with them on the design of a touch screen poker table. The Pokermatic Table gaming system was designed for sale to casinos. It could seat roughly 10 players, each of whom had their own smaller touch screen for displaying personal card hands. It also had a larger center display for showing the pot, player names, etc. The system included a special power and computing system to handle the 11 displays and had its own security system to keep people from tampering with the device. READ MORE

Consumer Electronics

Improving Homes & Offices

Thomas Instrumentation | Smart Tea Kettle Thomas Instrumentation has provided control systems for office electronics for many years, and we have recently expanded ourselves to the smart home appliance market. When it comes to home and office electronics, it is important to design systems for ease of use, safety, and low cost. READ MORE


Focus on Toughness

Thomas Instrumentation | HeatWatch System Thomas Instrumentation has developed several products for the agricultural market since it was established in 1971. The typical product designs for this industry have revolved around automating basic or time-consuming tasks to reduce costs. As with any product we design, the focus is on ease of use, accuracy, reliability, and low cost. We also recognize that many products for this industry will be subjected to and must survive harsh environmental conditions such as water, snow, ice, wind, heat, humidity, and even potential animal interference. READ MORE


New Collaborations

Thomas Instrumentation | Touch Screen Roller Equipment Thomas Instrumentation has recently entered the biopharmaceutical market through collaboration with a new customer. This new customer is ISO 9001 certified, OSHAS 18001 certified, RoHS compliant, and committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) excellence. With some guidance from their ISO 9001 audit team, Thomas Instrumentation is now fully capable of providing the necessary product traceability and other items required by their standards. All products for this customer are also certified as RoHS and manufactured at separate RoHS only stations. READ MORE


Quality, Accuracy & Safety

Thomas Instrumentation has recently entered the medical market through collaboration with a new customer. With our recent experience in the biopharmaceuticals realm, we are now familiar with and capable of holding to the quality standards and other requirements surrounding products in this field. Control system products designed for the medical field only differ from other market devices in terms of the regulations governing them. The main drive of medical regulations is to ensure the products are of the highest possible quality and are safe for their application. At Thomas Instrumentation, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality control systems for over 40 years. We have systems for other industries that have been operating reliably in harsh conditions for 20 years. We may be new to the medical industry and its regulations, but we are by no means new to quality, accuracy, and safety. READ MORE


Strict Quality Standards

Thomas Instrumentation has developed and manufactured several products for the defense industry since its establishment in 1971. Tom Gluyas and Cassandra Gluyas both started their engineering careers working on defense projects and welcome the opportunity to do more. Prior to the creation of Thomas Instrumentation, Tom Gluyas worked for Willow Run Laboratories on many non-publicized military projects that aided in the Vietnam War. READ MORE