Thomas Instrumentation has recently entered the biopharmaceutical market through collaboration with a new customer. This new customer is ISO 9001 certified, OSHAS 18001 certified, RoHS compliant, and committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) excellence. With some guidance from their ISO 9001 audit team, Thomas Instrumentation is now fully capable of providing the necessary product traceability and other items required by their standards. All products for this customer are also certified as RoHS and manufactured at separate RoHS only stations.

With our in-house EMI/EMC equipment and timely access to our engineers, the customer’s roller equipment was able to quickly pass its electrical product safety MET Lab certification. This reduced cost by only having to submit the product once to the lab and greatly decreased the product’s time-to-market. The customer was so pleased with Thomas Instrumentation’s work, response time, and pricing that they are presently in talks with us to upgrade the electronics in potentially all of their equipment.

The following is a product developed for this market:

Touch Screen Roller Equipment

Thomas Instrumentation | Touch Screen Roller Equipment This is quality production scale and bench top equipment for adherent cell cultivation. The touch screen controller provides an easy and standardized interface for users located all over the world. The basic package accurately and smoothly controls the speed, direction, and ramp rate of a brushless DC motor. There are three optional packages. One option is to add up to four temperature sensors which can be calibrated and monitored through the touch screen controller. Another option is to add rotation alarms for the roller racks which sense when a rack has stopped turning and notifies operators of the issue. The final option is a battery back-up system which instantly takes over if power is lost and will automatically charge the batteries to full once the power returns. A lower cost version of this system without a touch screen was also developed for this customer.