Thomas Instrumentation has developed and manufactured several products for the defense industry since its establishment in 1971. Tom Gluyas and Cassandra Gluyas both started their engineering careers working on defense projects and welcome the opportunity to do more.

Prior to the creation of Thomas Instrumentation, Tom Gluyas worked for Willow Run Laboratories on many non-publicized military projects that aided in the Vietnam War. In 2008, Cassandra Gluyas was hired by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to work in their Special Programs division of SkunkWorks. There she gained invaluable experience working on non-publicized military remote sensing and surveillance systems that required MIL-SPEC hardware and ISO 9001 certification. She also spent a great deal of time interfacing with high-level government officials and training air force system operators for their missions. Her work helped saved lives during the Afghanistan War.

With our engineer’s combined wealth of experience, Thomas Instrumentation gives its defense customers an advantage in the following ways:

Upgrading/Replicating Obsolete Products

With defense products, many times the government resists changes/upgrades in order to keep their useful systems the same and operational. However, eventually all electronics will fail and someone will have to replace and/or upgrade that system. Tom has been designing, manufacturing, and diagnosing electronic systems since the early 1960s. This makes him uniquely qualified to help customers with replacement concerns.

New Systems

Most new systems in the defense industry are at the forefront of our current technologies or already beyond them. At Thomas Instrumentation, our engineers keep up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends. They have seen things that appear impossible become possible, and therefore believe they can solve any problem. New systems also require strict standards of quality which Cassandra has become quite familiar with during her time at Lockheed Martin.