Thomas Instrumentation has recently entered the medical market through collaboration with a new customer. With our recent experience in the biopharmaceuticals realm, we are now familiar with and capable of holding to the quality standards and other requirements surrounding products in this field.

Control system products designed for the medical field only differ from other market devices in terms of the regulations governing them. The main drive of medical regulations is to ensure the products are of the highest possible quality and are safe for their application. At Thomas Instrumentation, we have been designing and manufacturing high quality control systems for over 40 years. We have systems for other industries that have been operating reliably in harsh conditions for 20 years. We may be new to the medical industry and its regulations, but we are by no means new to quality, accuracy, and safety.

The following is a product developed for this market:

Controller for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The current system is in prototype phase and controls several solenoid valves at very precise timing intervals. The prototype also has an emergency off condition as a safety precaution. The final controller will incorporate the prototype’s features as well as temperature sensing, pressure sensing, battery back-up, alarms, and safety systems.