Sample Work


Superior Engineering

Thomas Instrumentation | Sample Work Thomas Instrumentation has been designing and manufacturing a wide array of quality systems for customers since 1971. With our superior engineering support services, our customers know their concepts and/or products will be handled to their satisfaction. READ MORE

Touch Screen Technology


Thomas Instrumentation | Touch Screens Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone, touch screens have become wildly popular across the entire globe. Allow us to add that touch screen fever to your product with our low cost, highly-customizable controller. Our system has a fast power on time, displays data in near real-time, and can be configured to meet specific interface designs.

Let us help your products stand out in this touch screen world! READ MORE

Surface Mount Production

Upgrading Technologies

Thomas Instrumentation | Cow Monitor Thomas Instrumentation has been designing and manufacturing products with surface mount parts since 2000. Over the years, we have upgraded many of our customer’s through-hole products to include surface mount technology. These upgrades decreased both the cost and physical size of each system. READ MORE

Through-Hole Production

Maintaining Products

Thomas Instrumentation | B CardThomas Instrumentation has been designing and manufacturing products with through-hole technology since 1971. Over the years, many of our customer’s products have been updated with newer technology. However, we still manufacture several through-hole only products for customers who don’t want to risk altering their product. READ MORE


Customized Service

Thomas Instrumentation | HeatWatch System Over the years, Thomas Instrumentation has provided customers with cable and product assembly services. Many of our products require specialty cabling that we assemble for our customers and ship with the products. At times our customers have even requested that we install the production boards and wire harness into their finished housing. READ MORE