Bring Project Visions to Life

Thomas Instrumentation| Engineering Support Services Thomas Instrumentation has provided its customers with superior engineering support services since 1971. We have developed and manufactured robust, reliable, and successful systems for a variety of customers across multiple markets. Our years of experience coupled with our range of services allow us to bring your project visions to life. READ MORE

Design & Engineering

Engineering Variety

Thomas Instrumentation | New Product Design Thomas Instrumentation has been providing superior analog, digital, and RF designs since its establishment in 1971. With our wealth of experience, we are confident in our ability to engineer a successful product for you no matter the type of technology required by your concept. Our customers get their products from the concept stage to market in less time at lower costs and without sacrificing quality. READ MORE

Board Design & Layout

Optimizing Efficiency

Thomas Instrumentation | Board Engineering PCB design and layout is a critical piece of any hardware design and takes a knowledgeable person to complete properly. The location of ground and power planes, the width and path of electrical traces, along with other items could be done many different ways for the same schematic. Each of these different design methods would generate a difference in board operation. READ MORE

Software Development

Programming Diversity

Thomas Instrumentation | Software Engineering Thomas Instrumentation, Inc. has been developing software for complex embedded systems since its establishment in 1971. Our programmers have the ability to develop software for a large variety of microprocessors and for operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. READ MORE


Ensuring the Best Product

Thomas Instrumentation | Prototyping | Proof of Concept Thomas Instrumentation firmly believes in the need to fully test hardware before moving a design into production. To uphold this belief and ensure our final products are the best, we urge customers to invest in the prototyping phase of a project. Upon the validation of the prototypes and the approval of the client, the product is ready to be put into mass production. READ MORE

Parts Procurement

Save Time & Money

Thomas Instrumentation | Parts Procurement If you allow Thomas Instrumentation to handle the parts procurement for your product, you won’t have to pay top dollar for top quality parts and service. With our experience in engineering, PCB layout, and contract manufacturing, we can provide you with the parts you need! READ MORE

Production & Fabrication

Attention to Detail

Thomas Instrumentation | Fabrication Thomas Instrumentation’s production and assembly teams consist of highly trained, experienced individuals who take pride in their work. It is our employee’s attention to detail, our process of quick inspections at every step, and our ability to manufacture both leaded and RoHS/lead free compliant products which sets us apart from our competitors. READ MORE

Inspection & Testing

A Quality Control Focus

Thomas Instrumentation | Inspection Thomas Instrumentation provides top quality control inspection and testing services to its customers. Typically our customers want each and every board that leaves our facility to be 100% visually inspected and tested. Occasionally customers will not want the 100% service in order to save money. READ MORE

Warranty & Repairs

Quality is Our Goal

Thomas Instrumentation | Warranty and Repairs Thomas Instrumentation always offers a repair service for its designed products. For the quantity of products we have in circulation, we get very few returned for repairs. Due to our limited number of returns, most of our repairs have a quick turn-around. Each product in for repair is fixed, updated if necessary, thoroughly tested, and returned to the customer. READ MORE