Inspection & Testing

Inspection & Testing

Thomas Instrumentation provides top quality control inspection and testing services to its customers. Typically our customers want each and every board that leaves our facility to be 100% visually inspected and tested. Occasionally customers will not want the 100% service in order to save money. For these customers, we provide the ability to mix the options of no inspection or inspection of critical and/or costly parts with no testing or testing of critical and/or costly parts. The following is a brief description of each service:


Thomas Instrumentation | InspectionOur technical department only performs thorough inspection on completed batches of hardware and cabling that they receive from the assembly department. This ensures the product is being reviewed at a state where no changes should be needed for the product. Our experienced technical team looks for any surface mount problems, human errors, and defective parts. Some of the issues our team looks for include bad solder joints, missing parts, lifted components, and part polarity issues. If any problems are found, they are fixed prior to the testing phase.


Thomas Instrumentation | TestingOnce production boards and cables have been inspected, they are programmed with production firmware and enter the testing process. We develop a custom evaluation station to thoroughly test each and every product we sell to our clients. This station provides a functional test that applies real voltage levels to the board and verifies all of its inputs and outputs. During this test, any displays are carefully inspected for defects and the actual operation of the product is simulated as closely as possible to its real world operation. If any failures are found, the problem is investigated and resolved as quickly as possible.

The inspection and testing step is just another part of the process we have developed over the years to ensure that your product is as reliable as possible. The fewer issues and/or failures that make it to the end-user, the better our customer’s success becomes. This step is how some clients are able to offer exceptional warranties to their end-users. Obviously, the inspection and testing process is optional, but we highly recommended you take advantage of it to increase the overall reliability of your product.