Parts Procurement

Parts Procurement

Thomas Instrumentation | Parts ProcurementIf you allow Thomas Instrumentation to handle the parts procurement for your product, you won’t have to pay top dollar for top quality parts and service. With our experience in engineering, PCB layout, and contract manufacturing, we can provide the following procurement services:

Part Research

We research a customer’s parts to find the best part package and the cheapest price from the most reliable distributors. During this phase, we often find better parts which increase the product’s reliability.

Obsolete Parts

Many times we are able to obtain obsolete parts to help keep a product alive longer. If the obsolete part can no longer be found, we can also help customer’s find a substitute part.

Substitute Parts

We look for substitute parts for the following three reasons: replace obsolete parts, increase a part’s availability, and decrease part cost. Many times we can greatly reduce the overall production cost of a product by simply researching substitute parts.

Advance Stock

We offer customer’s the choice to stock parts in advance of potential orders. This enables us to provide customers with rush orders of their products.

Standard Parts

Thomas Instrumentation has many standard parts that it stocks normally. If a customer’s product has any of these standard parts, their cost will be significantly cheaper due to the larger quantities we purchase.


All parts are stored in one of our two inventory rooms which are both temperature and humidity controlled environments. The inventory of through-hole parts are counted by hand at regular intervals and parts are automatically deducted once a batch of boards is complete. The inventory of surface mount parts are tracked through the following two software tools:

  • MyLabel
    This is a software package from MyData which allows us to log every part into an inventory database and print barcode labels for each package of parts. Any parts used for production are automatically deducted from the database by the SMT equipment in real time. This allows us to keep an accurate running total of our surface mount part inventory.
  • MyPlan
    This is a software package from MyData which allows us to schedule future production runs of a product. We utilize this software to determine how many of each part we need to order to complete a production run. This also ensures that we never run out of parts during production.

As you can see, using Thomas Instrumentation for parts procurement provides you with a seamless operation from initial purchase order to final products. A simple phone call or email will be all you need to start the preparation for you purchase order.

We would prefer to do all of the buying for every product we make; however, we do not insist upon it. We are willing and able to work with any customer to solve their contract manufacturing needs even if they choose to purchase their own parts. Our inventory is flexible enough to maintain a separate space for your company’s parts regardless of how they arrive at our facility.